California Superior Court Decision

After RC died, his son Willy inherited the responsibility to serve as executor.  Given RC’s many real estate investments, this would have been a huge task. It was compounded by the 1906 Fire and Earthquake which destroyed many legal and historical records  – leading in turn to many lawsuits. The De Boom Tract in San Francisco was involved in one of them. RC had to prove he was the legal owner of several lots and had repaid the loan on one when he entered into agreements to sell them.  Fortunately, the Court found in his favor, or rather that of his estate. Emma saved a copy of the decision, dated May 26, 1913.

77_Decision_28May1913_a       78_Decision_28May1913_b    79_Decision_28May1913_c       80_Decision_28May1913_d     81_Decision_28May1913_e       82_Decision_28May1913_f       83_Decision_28May1913_g       84_Decision_28May1913_h       85_Decision_28May1913_i